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The mainstream dekstop OSs don't offer that level of customization
You can. OSXFuse is a FUSE based driver for Mac. On the Windows side there are open source FUSE solutions such as Dokan also.
Linux tools are still not up to scratch
You can sign up for the business plan to get access to trial versions of the pro tools. 
Linux tools are still not up to scratch
Firstly thanks for the detailed email. We really appreciate it.

Now let me address some of your concerns / questions

I think you are testing using an old version (4.5.3 from April 2016) and I think the reason for this is the page where you can access our Linux tools was stale or has been reverted. It listed an old version. The Linux tools are currently on version 4.8.3 (updated March 2017) and this addresses some of your issues and we have updated the page.

The versions released since the version you tested:

1) v4.7.5 - a lot of fixes and improved encryption.  Completed in Sep 2016
2) v4.7.6 - fixed couple bug.  Completed in Jan 2017
3) v4.8.3 - added support of 2fa. Completed in Mar 2017

Specifically on the issues you reported:

> The CLI help for smemount says to specify credentials file with --credentials=/path/to/file - this is wrong. I had to read the perl script to work out that the correct syntax is --credentials:/path/to/file.
This was a bug and it was fixed in l4,8,3

> If I ran the program from the console I saw in the debug log that it is trying to use gnome-open or kde-open - both are deprecated, xdg-open is the new standard
There is no such problem in the Linux distros that we support now but thanks for pointing this out and we will fix in the next revision.

> All connections for some reason default to http, you have to manually specifcy to connect to https://storagemadeeasy.com
This should be fine in the current version. We used to allow HTTP, because there was a bug related to HTTPS in the linux library that we used within the App to send requests. 

> The sync tool doesn't work with encrypted files at all - so it's essentially useless
The free version not allow to work with encrypted files. Only the Pro version allows to work with encrypted files.

> If you open a file with smeexplorer, any changes you make aren't uploaded to the cloud
Yes, this is an issue. We are still looking for an elegant solution. We did manage to solve a similar issue on our windows explorer but that is because of some standard hooks that are not present in Linux.

> smemount/smeclient has no way to upload or create a new encrypted file.
It is a drive so there is no way to determine whether to upload encrypted or not. It is an all or nothing solution. Perhaps a global mode that is set in options ?

> Even if you specify the password, it only applies to download, any new files will be uploaded unencrypted
This is not the case in the current version. It was resolve some time ago. If file encrypted and user try to edit/replace it then we save it with the same encryption key. If we don't know the encryption key then we will ask user to provide and encryption key.

Re encryption.
If you use team encryption then this works explicitly based on initial IAM request or all files and you don't need to configure/change anything in the clients as the keys are stored, encrypted, server-side.

Download error

This error message appears, when the provider token expires.
You can refresh the token, by going to your SME account Dashboard, click the settings icon for the provider. From the left of the  settings page click on Account access info, then click on Update secure token for this account you will be directed to another page where you can reenter the provider details to refresh the token.


Admin Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 15.04.21.png  Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 15.04.43.png 
Missing Cloud Provider
Just an update on your requests:

Amazon Drive is already supported but it is not included as part of the free connectors. You require a Personal Cloud or Business Cloud Account to get access to it.

I'm not sure about Amazon Music or how you would get access to it. I believe the music within this is protected by DRM and only available via the Amazon Music App.

Re Google Photos, there is no official Google API, it seems to be using the old Picasa Web Albums Data API and that is starting to have functionality deprecated.

WD MyCloud NAS supports FTP (http://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?ID=2680) which SME already supports but you will need a personal or business cloud account to use it as it is not available for the free account.
Automatic access to shared folders in the browser.
I don't know, we have not tried, like I said it is beyond the scope of an answer on this forum
Bug: copying an entire folder containing chunked files to another (non-chunked) cloud provider duplicates files
This issues was resolved and chunking should work as expected across all providers inclusive of copy and move.
Automatic access to shared folders in the browser.
Its beyond the scope of the forum. The Folder password protected page is not a form. It was not meant for programmatic access at a web scraping level. You need to look at the HTML from the Get. 
Automatic access to shared folders in the browser.
This is beyond the scope of forum support I'm afraid. Someone else in the community maybe able to offer some advise on this.
Automatic access to shared folders in the browser.
You should be able to use something like the IdHTTP lib in Delphi to do this. You could then do something like

sGET := http.Get('Shared Folder Page');

and then search the HTML that is returned for the password and set the password as required.
Bug: copying an entire folder containing chunked files to another (non-chunked) cloud provider duplicates files
Noted. Currently reported to SME Support and being investigated. I will post an update here when I hear more.
Decryption of files on a MAC
There is no facility for Finder to do a callback and ask you for a password. This is a drive not a dedicated app. It is totally under the control of Finder and utilises underlying File System in UserSpace (FUSE) technology to be able to present stubs of files as a drive.

Security is always a balance between ease of use and protection. As SME supports remote encryption of files and SME wanted to provide a way for users to be able to interact with encrypted files from the drive,  hence the ability to enter an encryption password that is used for such interactions.

From a security perspective the Mac laptop itself can of course be made secure and for the SME App you can enable 2 factor Auth for your account, in which you also control the delegate access token from your account, and also in addition to this you can sign out from each use of the App if you wish.

Error 421 this feature is not accessible for the account
You need to be a personal cloud or business cloud user for CloudFTP to be available.
Disk no longer mounts with Sierra
We will release a new build that support Sierra today (29th September 2016), it includes a new version of OSXFuse that is required for the App to function correctly on Sierra.
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