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SME creates duplicates of all files
Seems a storm in a teacup. I'm running windows 8 and Linux Mint with SugarSync and Box. I'm a SME personal user and I had this problem until I turned off Trash and versioning and after that it worked perfectly for me. A couple of things I noticed though. Copying files from Flash Drive between Linux and Windows, which I do on occasion, when I'm offline changes the time stamp, even though it shouldn't. It took me a while to,figure this out.

To get rid of timestamped files in SME is simple though, just empty the Trash.
Firefox Uploader problem
Hi, I've had some problems in the last couple of hours uploading files in the Firefox uploader.  The file seems to upload but then does not seem to be there. I don't think I am doing anything different.

It uploads from the normal site OK (nice new uploader by the way !)

Can you advise ?

Problems with file extensions with Safari
I'm having some issues with the Safari browser. If I download any Microsoft office files they download as .ppt.pot or .xls.xla or .doc.dot - strangely if I use Firefox or Internet Explorer I do not get this problem. I'm using Safari on the Mac.

Is this a Safari bug ?
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