• iPhone Web Application

    In notice that the smestorage web application supports Amazon S3. Will this support the other cloud providers you support also ?

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    Started by Curly

  • Browser Support

    Hi, could you tell me which browsers you support ? Thanks Matt

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    Started by MattRobinson

  • FireFTP on Firefox?

    Hi! I've got a free Gmail Account on SME Storage. It is possible to use the Extension FireFTP for Firefox with the SME Storage? If yes, how i have to...

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    Started by diavlo

  • Is this possible?

    This is something I would like to do. Could I create a Google Document, and some how email it so that it can be saved here in your service. I do...

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    Started by omnimatty

  • How to create a Bucket for Amazon S3

    Hi, I just registered for Amazon S3 and I came to SMEStorage but when I use my keys on the OpenS3 beta It asks for a "default bucket" and...

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    Started by Mark_Clellan

  • Terrific Product.

    Thanks so much for the amazing product. I look forward to learning more about it. It works better for my needs then GDrive or Gspace. Great...

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    Started by omnimatty

  • SMEStorage Windows Explorer

    This is moved here from a private support thread. An API Update caused an issue with uploading which has been resolved.

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    Started by admin

  • Problems connecting to Amazon S3

    A point made on a separate email support thread is worth reiterating here in the forums - when you are entering your Amazon S3 keys be careful that...

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    Started by admin

  • gmail file names

    So I've been playing with this a little bit. Is it possible to have the attached file names in the gmail storage match the file names as seen in...

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    Started by rheostaticsfan

  • Gmail question

    Hi, I seem to be having an issue with my existing GMail account and being able to sync and post files through SMEStorage - any ideas what the problem...

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    Started by JayB

  • linking to a gmail account

    I am trying to follow your how to page on setting up to use gmail for cloud storage. I can't see how/where to enter my gmail information. In your...

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    Started by rheostaticsfan

  • Changing GMail Info

    If I've already checked the "remember my info" on the GMail screen, is there a way to change it? What will happen if I change my GMail...

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    Started by GoogleAppsUser

  • Amazon S3

    Hi, could you tell me when you are planning to let your users use any Amazon S3 Account ?

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    Started by KevinBell

  • GMail Sync Problem

    When I try to use Gmail account I keep getting following error, Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in...

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    Started by GMailUser

  • Firefox Uploader problem

    Hi, I've had some problems in the last couple of hours uploading files in the Firefox uploader. The file seems to upload but then does not seem to...

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    Started by KenT

  • Problems with file extensions with Safari

    I'm having some issues with the Safari browser. If I download any Microsoft office files they download as .ppt.pot or .xls.xla or .doc.dot -...

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    Started by KenT

  • Twitter

    I no longer seem to be getting Twitter messages - I checked my Twitter account and can not see any problem.

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    Started by CarlFreeman

  • Feature Request

    Hi, I've just started using the Business Groups feature of this which I really like - something that would be useful for what I do though would be an...

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    Started by SandraS