• Ubuntu Forums Google Drive response

    Recent question from Ubuntu Forums: "Unless I'm doing something horribly wrong, it seems very poor at converting Drive docs into local...

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    Started by admin

  • Sync Executable

    What is the command name for the sync center? I don't have the traditional menus in Crunchbang, so I can't just select the program from the...

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    Started by Narvey

  • No matter what I do, it won't install...

    Hi guys, I'm using the latest lubuntu 12.04 and I'm trying to install smestorage, but I keep getting the same errors. I've read a few other threads,...

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    Started by marcuseby

  • Error message on SMEStorage

    Am trying to run the SMEStorage debian Linux cloud drive on Ubuntu Maverick. This instance of Maverick is actually a VirtualBox VM running under a...

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    Started by benfdc

  • Files and folders date

    I mounted smestorage with smeclient in ubuntu. I have one problem - when I upload files, their datestamp is changed to the date and time of...

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    Started by Leo2

  • unable to authenticate. check password

    This is the error message i get when trying to log in with the smestorage client. the credentials are correct as i can log in through the website the...

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    Started by jeep_brah

  • Can't see Windows Live Mesh files on Ubuntu SMEstorage explorer

    Hello. So I have installed SMEStorage Explorer on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric. I also added Windows Sky Drive and Windows Live Mesh as cloud services. When...

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    Started by alphacentauri44

  • Can't sync

    Hi there, i'm trying to sync my colud folders with a new folder in my local hard disk and i'm unable. I'm in Ubuntu 10.04 and the client is linux...

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    Started by barallat

  • Mapping local folder for sync

    I have a folder I've been syncing on another Ubuntu machine (it resides in my /home/ /Documents folder). Now that I installed the SMEStorage drive on...

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    Started by yoniy0

  • Centos 5 - Wrong login info

    Hi, I've just created an SMEStorage account which I can login to from the web ok. I have installed the smestorage rpm under Centos 5.7 but cannot...

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    Started by G0UQT

  • sync problem

    Hi, when I use the windows sync tool, it works ok, but trying to sync from the linux sync center, I get all the files mixed up in the smestorage...

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    Started by gcf

  • Ubuntu installer broken

    See dpkg output here: http://pastie.org/1843459 It looks like some issues with QT compile flags, but I don't know how to fix.

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    Started by bendavis78

  • Where's the doc's at?

    First, let me say I am impressed with the SME Storage offering in general and the SME Linux offering in particular. I muddled my way through the...

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    Started by NetScr1be

  • Version three of Linux Cloud Drive Beta released

    Version 3 of the Linux Cloud Drive beta is currently available as a Debian package. You can download this from our Labs page . The third beta fixes...

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    Started by admin

  • Linux Final Beta

    I've tried this on Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit and it reports "Error. Token not get." Any ideas?

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    Started by svassie