• Favorites Not working?

    Hi .. Im using SME on Android JellyBean (Galaxy S2).. Everything seems to work as advertised but what ever I put into my favorites don't work. I...

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    Started by deljones

  • Tapatalk

    Is there any possibility to add sme forum to android app Tapatalk?

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    Started by pacal

  • Android Persistent Notification when Scheduled Sync Enabled

    Is there a way to turn this off? "Once the sync is enabled you will see a notification in the Android taskbar letting you know when the...

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    Started by jstipe

  • Real sync and limit

    Hi, I am planning use SME to sync my Skydrive and my Android device. My idea is that it worls exactly as the PC Skydrive. That is, a local folder...

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    Started by cristobal41

  • Choosing Live Mesh as a cloud.

    I must be missreading something. Microsoft Live Mesh (read only) is clearly shown as a cloud option on both Android Market place and the main web...

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    Started by johnlbuk

  • Android Wiki

    The Android Wiki is available at http://www.smestorage.com/wiki/android

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    Started by admin

  • Directory Tree

    I installed smestorage on Android 2.1 and added a folder that contained folders with pdf files in them (Alkido ebook tree). When they synced to...

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    Started by aspeno