Experiences with waiters, restaurant chefs, restaurant food, restaurant service and mainly just dining out are common experiences in any culture. The whole event is linked to the kitchen. Regular maintenance, fire equipment testing, keeping the appliances clean and timely inspections will help keep the kitchen safe from fire hazards.

Following are a few fire hazards one needs to be aware of while running a restaurant kitchen or working in one:

  • Too many cooks spoil the broth

When there are too many people in a small space working with much involvement, there is a risk of fire. Chefs have their own little clothes which they might leave on an open flame. Too much hustle bustle can cause oil to spill. Anything can happen due to human error. Most dangerous thought that occurs is during an emergency when the exists get clogged due to sudden stampede.

  • Dress to kill

Chefs use a lot of clothing not just to dress but also clothes like pot holders, dish towels, wet clothes, etc. If the restaurant does not have a strict protocol for chef’s clothing, like a loose sleeve shouldn’t be hanging or aprons should be left at designated places, it’ll be hazardous.

  • Fan the flames

The most commercial kitchen leaves the stove on after preparing the necessary dish and use the same flame to make the next dish. The transit period between the preparations of the dishes is very dangerous. Open flames in a highly flammable environment is basically an invitation to fumes. In the case of fire is caused, quick action should be taken by the nearest worker.

  • Mind the store

As the raw materials for food preparation arrive, a proper storage and pathway system should be developed. The egg cartons, milk boxes, fruits and vegetable containers – to name a few basic most used items are all burnable. They easily catch fire and cause the most smoke. Fire equipment testing should also be done on a regular basis. Staff should be trained and should know how to act in any emergency situation in case any box catches fire.

  • Charged with current

Electrical cords are the most sneaky. They hide behind large appliances and spark. Even the smallest spark can cause the whole kitchen to go down. The wiring and switch boards must have covers. Wires shouldn’t be in the way causing workers to trip. Most importantly regular checks and maintenance should take place of all electrical devices and their wiring. They should be cleaned regularly and any grease or dust shouldn’t be left to accumulate.

Bottom Line:

The experts at Jim's fire testing services are experienced in fire protection services at the workplace which includes restaurants kitchens. They specialize in fire safety and prevention.  Every restaurant should invest in protection and prevention of fire hazards. This is a long term investment. Initially, the benefits may not be clear but when the fire isn’t being caused and everything in the kitchen is going smoothly with no accidents, you shall realize the value of money.


Prevention is better than cure.