Amazon access keys and secret keys are analogous to a user id and password which authenticate the user to access the Amazon s3 account. This means that you can access your files stored at S3, directly via SMEStorage.

Amazon's authentication mechanism works in a way that client hashes includes HTTP headers, the request body, the URL, and the date, amongst other details. Instead of asking for an account password, Amazon assigns each API user a secret key for use in such hashes. The secret cannot be used to retrieve API user account details, and the user can make it invalidated at any point and have it re-generated if the user thinks it's been leaked or breached.

All tools that work with your Amazon data need to use your key. For example other tools that allow you to access your Amazon data also have to use your Amazon Keys.

You can choose, if you wish, to enter your Amazon keys each time you login to the SMEStorage service. This won't affect any of your information etc it will still be available after you login. I

f you choose to save your keys, they are stored encrypted in our Database using public/private key SHA-1 encryption, so they are safe, but if you wish you can just use your keys on a session by session basis.