The provider has been broken by some major changes that have done to their API. We are fixing this right now and will provide an update when this is done.


The provider is now fixed after they changed their API. All users will need to Re-sync their file metadata with SMEStorage. You can do this from the sidebar using My Account->Providers. Select 'Synchronise'. This will re-sync your files. Upload and download will then work as normal.

The new changes in the API are that each interaction with the API now requires authentication rather than having a token for the session, which is onerous and not what is normally considered best practice. it also adds an overhead of about a second to interacting with the API. Also, the upload host changed from to (although the old endpoint still works for now). Lastly, the download endpoint now redirects to another host.

Only 1 session can now be used when authenticated, so if you are logged into when you go to use SMEStorage, your session will be logged out.