I established a 2-way sync between local folder and cloud (SMEStorage).

When deleting file/folder on cloud, the sync on the PC detects this and moves the file/folder back to the cloud.

And when deleting a file/folder on the PC it is synced back from cloud.

So in effect I cannot delete data  having a 2-way sync scheduled regularly!

I would have expected a detection that a file/folder was deleted causing the same to happen at the other end, as long as the time stamp of the deletion was later than the age of the data. Is this not possible?

Alternatively take a look at Super Flexible File Synchroniser. This tool allows deletion of files in 2-way sync and seems to compare the time stamps of events and you can on top of that define what it does with deleted files (e.g. store in designated folders or delete permanently).


If one side is always the master and the other side is always the mirror of this, then you can use clone up / clone down to sync deletions.

Currently for two way sync, we explicitly force you to remove files from both sides. This is because no matter how much care is taken with file deletions we have users or companies who come back with "I l accidentally lost my files, how do I get them back" so we'd rather force this into being an explicit action. We could do some smart tracking of deletions like the product you mention but even that is not totally foolproof (and lost data obviously matters). For example, it requires to have 2 folders (for each side, local and remote) to act like alternatives to Recycle Bin, it won't delete files, but keep them in this folder. One must not delete this folder accidentaly. You must sync files only on one computer, with same profile. And so on. Such approach fails, if one of these requiremnts not met

For example other Sync solutions like SugarSync also recommend explicit delete on both sides. See because it is the most foolproof way to ensure data is not "accidentally" lost.