Hi when I try and add dropbox as a provider I get the message :

Failed: We are unable to authenticate you. Error is: Error: Unable to authenticate.. Try again.

I use my same username and password as I normally logon to drop box with. I get the same message when ever I try.



I don't see any issue with DropBox. I was able to add a test account using the web browser. Could you let me know what client you are using to try and add DropBox, the version and your username and I will do some further investigation.

Hi Im using SME Multicloud tools Lite version 4.11.0.

I havent tried it with the web browser, just the UI. The username is the same as my forum username.

I tried it again today and get the same error. Google Drive works fine.



Hi, I'm not exactly sure what you problem you are reporting. 

"I tried it again today and get the same error" - tried what again ?

To investigate we need:

Thanks for your email. To log a support case we need:
- A full description of the issue with screenshots if relevant.
- The above should include the cloud you are working with and the filename and directory structure
- The operating system and version

- Your username; jarvinenjp
- The SME Access client and version (or browser version and type if
web): I don't know what is "The SME Access". But i'm trying to export
from Dropbox with my iPhone and Safari, Chrome and Photon with Flash
Player, can't login to Dropbox with any of them. IPhone-App of yours
works fine. It's just that i can't transfer folders with it, only
files one at a time. Is it possible to copy or transfer folders with
your iPhone/iPad-App? And if yes, how can i do it??

- The Operating System and version; iOS 6, iPhone 4.
- A full description of the issue with screenshots if relevant;
I've tried like million times to export files from Dropbox but i can't
even log in, it says all the time "error" or something. Here's a
screencapture of the situation attached:
And by the way, why does it read "Dropbox (beta)" when i try to log in? I'm using a "real" Dropbox. Thank You.