As UnionFS is not available for Windows OSes, it would be good to implement unions on WebDAV level.
Goal: to combine all free storage clouds into one. Instead of having folders in virtual share network drive,
let's place contents of all clouds _directly_ into it. And merge multiple folders for example: \Music folder
on Dropbox, will be shown merged with \Music folder on, and therefore all files inside will
be shown in one \Music folder on network drive.

And what about saving files to that kind of folders union? My idea is similar to Windows Libraries::
- to choose one of those folders as save destination (easiest way)


- to have a layer above all directories, which decides where files are going. It would be based on rules, like: first let fullfill first cloud, then next and so on, or let file go to first cloud, then next file to next cloud, and so on.

Of course, some kind of "FAT" tables should exist to restore virtual folder on mount and have proper access to all files.

And all idea above could be as plugin to purchase to SME Personal Cloud, or Business Cloud.

Then, you will be the best clouds aggregator in the world [smile]