I have the demo installed with 3 clouds configured plus the sme cloud.

My S3 folder is not showing all of the folders in my S3 bucket. When I look at the bucket via my FTP software I see all the folders...just not showing up through virtual SME drive.

I have refreshed the drive but it still just shows one. I'm sure it's a newbie error but I can't find anything in the wiki that might help me resolve it.

Any suggestions? Thanks!!

Using the latest version (1.53 I think?) on mountain lion

When I go to the web interface and refresh, then go back to the virtual drive and refresh - it displays the folders correctly.

Also - files are not deleting from the S3 bucket even though I've deleted from the virtual drive AND emptied the trash.

Hi, The new files will be displayed if you refresh. You will be in cached view unless you either turn real-time on or do a cache refresh (My DashBoard-> S3 Settings->Resync) or refresh the folders from the web view in the way you did as a deep refresh forces files to be retrieved from the S3 provider. 

Be careful with switching real-time on when working with the drive if you have tens of thousands of files in a single bucket as you are forcing the drive to retrieve all of these files each time.

If you added new buckets outside of SME then you can add them to the account from the My DashBoard->S3 settings after login from the web.

These are all explained at

If you delete lots of files to Trash and then empty the Trash the files are scheduled for deletion, this will occur in the background and you can check if the task is complete for the cloud Tasks option. If you continue to have a problem where files are not being removed when emptying the Trash then please log a support case with Support AT StorageMadeEasy DOT Com letting us know the files in question and providing screenshots with your username.

Also note that you can turn off Trash so files are deleted immediately if you wish from the Options within your Cloud Dashboard.