When backing up your GMail account using the email backup feature please note the following:

1. The correct settings for GMail backup are, port 955 and SSL on.

2. Once you have done a GMail backup the next backup will occur from the point the last backup left off i.e. it will not backup the whole mail box again. This is because GMail marks the emails as downloaded and so they are not available for backup again.

3. If you have a large GMail account you should always schedule this to occur as a background task as it could take a long time for all the emails to be backed up.

Also note that if you are using GMail as your Cloud Data Provider you cannot backup a GMail account. The session will start but then hang in the browser or will not complete if scheduled. This is due to multiple authenticated sessions. We are looking at a workaround for this and will provide an update in the future.