If Using GMail as the storage provider please note the following:

1. Ensure you have gone to settings - > Forwarding and POP /IMAP and enabled "Enable Pop for all Mail (even Mail that has been downloaded)"

2. Also Enable IMAP from the same setting screen

3. Be aware that once set this only applies to files from the point it was set. Any prior files will not be sync'd with your SMEStorage Account

4. File size upload limit with Gmail is 10 MB

5. Total storage size is around 7 GB

6. If GMail lock you out (which it can do if it detects abnormal use), you will be let back in again in 24 hours.

7. If you have trouble authenticating with GMail when setting the account up then use the extension rather than

8. Remember that if the windows tools or the Firefox tools stop working it is probably due to Google locking you out for a short period after having detected bulk uploads. Wait 24 hours and then try again.

9. If you are sending an email from a Mac and then resync and the attachment is not picked up, then be aware that Mac embed images and Google does not treat them as email attachments so they do not show up as storage items.

10. If you want to resync your Google account then you can do so from My Account ->My Provider and then choose to synchronise