I revisited SME when faced with the problem of transferring a large tree of content from a Gdrive to a Google Team Drive.  There are two problems that are very nicely solved by the SME File Manager (in the browser):

  1. Honoring folders and child folders, not just files.  Google's own Drive interface does not allow you to transfer anything other than individual files objects directly to a Team Drive, via drag/drop or any other means.  Instead, you can download a zip archive of the desired folder and children to local disk, unzip there, and then upload the content to the Team Drive.  This is a very poor solution since:
    • modification times are lost and the uploaded content all appears as newly created
    • Google Document are either not included at all or are replaced during the zip archiving process with Office equivalents (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) and lose their interactive status.
  2. Honoring Google Documents.  By some miracle, copying or moving a collection of folders and files using the SME File Manager preserves the cloud format Google Documents and does not convert them to archival Office format.  NB: for some reason, SME does tack on the Office suffix when bringing a Google Doc over, so that Foo  becomes Foo.docx  even though Foo.docx is not a Microsoft Office file, but remains a Google Doc, verified by examining the icon for the file in Google Drive).
I find this feature pretty amazing, but not documented or advertised.  SME is the best tool I have found for the seemingly straightforward task of bringing content across unaltered from any Google Drive to a Google Team Drive.