• Medical billing and coding are two important related facets of the healthcare industry. Both medical billing and medical coding are part of revenue cycle management or the part of healthcare industry that deals with payments to healthcare providers for the services rendered.
  • We have a service that gets our clients paid faster for a lower cost and reduce days in A/R.
  • If a payment is denied, that is when our accounts receivables department takes over.
  • Our team is totally dedicated to Accounts receivables.
  • Most companies have processes that do several jobs and can't dedicate themselves to chasing after the payor. 
  • Our coding department is certified in ICD-9 and trained in ICD-10. Our coders are trained in every aspect of the rules and regulations that govern healthcare procedures. And yes, this plays a major role in increasing collections.
  • We commit to a higher accuracy, faster turnaround at an affordable cost. Dictation is highly flexible. You can dictate through toll-free lines, handheld digital recorders, or even your iPhones, or iPads.
  • We provide a perfect blend of experience, ingenuity, and technology with superior round-the-clock, hands-on service to our clients.
  • The web based application manages the full life-cycle of documents from the time they enter the system as dictated audio files, through distribution to the transcriptionists and editors, and finally back to the client via web, email and/or fax.
  • MedUSA Healthcare Services has a team that will help the hospitals or healthcare professionals to invest more their time in their core business activities. The team will help reduce medical billing costs, operating costs, denials thereby improving accuracy and resulting in faster payments.