My application sets up a circular buffer of images files from a webcam, which updates once per minute.  The FTP client on the webcam does the file uploads, and also renames the files to maintain the circular buffer.  These images are then displayed on a website which always shows the most recent images.

At 10:00am the buffer looks like this:
image1.jpg (timestamp 10:00)
image2.jpg (timestamp 09:59)
image3.jpg (timestamp 09:58)

At 10:01am the buffer looks like this:
image1.jpg (timestamp 10:01 - new image)
image2.jpg (timestamp 10:00 - used to be named image1.jpg)
image3.jpg (timestamp 09:59 - used to be named image2.jpg)

This part works fine.
The part I'm having trouble with is providing URLs that are static and keyed to the file name, not the actual file.  Something like this would be great, but doesn't seem to work: (always points to file named image1.jpg) (always points to file named image2.jpg) (always points to file named image3.jpg)

I need static URLs for the website to show the 3 most current images.

Static url's that SME creates on a sharing basis for files are hashed and secure.

You could achieve what you wanted to do if the images were made public as the url structure is similar for public URL's.


for more information on public URL's