I've had a question about how to import/export files if you are a Google Apps user as if you enter your Google Apps email details in the default GMail import/export you cannot proceed as you do not have a "@gmail" email domain.

You can do this using the 'anyemail' import/export option. You need to fill the details in as follow"

Email address: Your Google Apps email address


POP3/IMAP Port: 993

Secure POP3/IMAP Checkbox - Check this

Type of Email box access - Check IMAP

Email Address - enter your Google Apps email address for SMTP

Password: Enter your Google Apps Email password (we only store this for the session)

SMTP Host: Enter

Secure SMTP Connection - check this box

SMTP Requires authentication - check this box

If you use this configuration you will be able to import / export your Google apps email to your chosen clouds or vice-versa.