One of the benefits of the SME App is that we don't force you to use the SME storage cloud or even the SME interface.

You can use whatever tools or interface you want to upload files to your cloud, but you will need to ensure the meta-data is kept in sync so ou can see your files through our clients and tools. This includes the iPhone App'.

If you upload file directly to your cloud storage provider then you need to resync your file meta-data with SME 

1. To do this from the website you go to My Account->Providers Tab, choose your storage cloud and click on the sync icon. This will then ensure you can see all your files through SME.

2. To do this from the SME iOS App simply navigate to the providers Menu and choose the provider to resync or do it on a directory adhoc basis whilst browsing files by clicking the sync icon at the bottom of the App to refresh the current directory view with what is on the remote cloud.