Hello there!
Installed the cloud drive Kubuntu 14.04. 64 Bit After all three shortcuts have been created automatically during the installation, only the SME Client isable to be opened. SyncCenter and SME Explorer got back error messages like:

KDEInit cannot start "smesynccenter". Could not find "smesynccenter" executable.

SME client works like a charme, logged in and mounted folder without any problems. Also sync via the client ("quick sync") works fine...

Nevertheless I would very much like to have explorer and sync center working, for I don't like to log in in the browser every time I want my google drive re-synced etc.

Thanks for any helpfull replies!
Try to reinstall it from terminal.
It can be done by this commands (you should run it from the folder with file "storagemadeeasy_4.2.3.deb"):
sudo dpkg --remove storagemadeeasy
sudo dpkg -i storagemadeeasy_4.2.3.deb && sudo apt-get install -f

If this not resolve your problem then show the output of this commands.
@ Igor: Thanx, that does the trick, now it works like a charme :-)