How do I get the list of all files in a folder through the API? I only managed to generate the list limited to 1000 files. I noticed that the application displays all the files in the folder. Can someone help me?
Each function that listening folders returns up to 1000 files per once.
If you want to receive more files then you need to do couple calls.

Each function that listening files has two params:
- from
- count

Here is how it should work:
1) call getFolderContents with:
   - from=0
   - count=1000
2) parse response and get "total". This is total count of files/folders
3) if you received is less than "total" files/folders (i.e.  from+count<total ) then call getFolderContents with:
   - from=1000
   - count=1000

More info here: https://storagemadeeasy.com/?p=apidoc
Thanks, Igor.

If you or someone on the forum has an example in php, could you please send me?

Thank you very much!