I would like to start a topic about the cloud providers we miss.
I know SME already supports a bunch of services but sometimes I feel I am still missing some.
With the Amazon Drive added to the list it's really great, but what about iCloud drive? I know it's supported, unless you use the two factor authentication. Wouldn't it be possible to add that funktionality, too?
And Amazon Music? Wouldn't it be great to access your online music library?
Or the all new google fotos?
Or WD MyCloud? I have a WD MyCloud NAS which doesn't support WebDAV. Accessing this through SME would be great, too...

Summed up, I am looking forward to use:
- iCloud Drive with 2 factory auth.
- Amazon Music
- Google Fotos
- WD MyCloud

Thanks for the great service you provide
Just an update on your requests:

Amazon Drive is already supported but it is not included as part of the free connectors. You require a Personal Cloud or Business Cloud Account to get access to it.

I'm not sure about Amazon Music or how you would get access to it. I believe the music within this is protected by DRM and only available via the Amazon Music App.

Re Google Photos, there is no official Google API, it seems to be using the old Picasa Web Albums Data API and that is starting to have functionality deprecated.

WD MyCloud NAS supports FTP ( which SME already supports but you will need a personal or business cloud account to use it as it is not available for the free account.