I installed macOS 10.14 aka Mojave on the 27th of Sep, 2018, and noted that the latest version of the SMEMail plugin (SMEMail_elcapitan_10_11_4.mailbundle) does not work with Apple's latest Mail.app (Version 12.0 (3445.100.39)).

Is there a more recent version of the SMEMail plug-in available? The only one I can seem to find is the one available in my Cloud Apps download area. The 10.11.4 version comes with the Version 4.2.0 Mac cloud tools bundle (released 2018-07-23). The Mac Cloud Tools documentation:  https://docs.storagemadeeasy.com/maccloudtools is always out of date; as it declares that the latest version is 3.4.5 R2 dated 2nd of June, 2016. It does note that the 'Supported Operating Systems are High Sierra validated up to 10.13.3.

Notably, I have been able to get other SME components to work under Mojave. I successfully installed (but haven't fully tested) the following components:
- System Preferences pane (seems to be working properly)
- Sync menu toolbar option (toolbar component visible and functioning, Sync console works)
- Mac cloud drive/virtual drive (drive icon appears on icon and finder window opens to show SME folders)
- SME search integration (installed in toolbar and functioning properly)
- Finder integration (contextual menu options visible when cloud hosted files selected)

I had to install a more recent version of FUSE (version 3.8.2) in order to get other SME components to work under Mojave, but the SMEMail plug-in will not work with the current macOS (macOS 10.14 = Mojave).

Is work underway to produce a new Mail.app plug-in for the Mojave version of macOS? Note that the new Mail.app handles plugins differently. I presume it requires 'signed' code in order to function, as the old plugin (10.11.4 version noted above) is visible in the Mail.app's new 'Manage Plug-ins...' preference pane, but it is disabled (and checking the 'enable' box followed by a restart of the app doesn't result in a functioning plug-in).

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