We have yet to release an accredited Mountain Lion version and if you wish to run your existing version on Mountain Lion then you will need to make some changes to GateKeeper.

GateKeeper is a new update that applies to the core security system. Gatekeeper, when enabled, will only allow apps with signed developer ids to be installed (unless users given a exception) so all users who use 10.8 Mac Mountain Lion will need to know how to disable/enable GateKeeper.

Lion 10.7.3

GateKeeper is actually enabled in 10.7.3 Lion but can only be enabled disabled from the Terminal

To enable GateKeeper in Lion:

sudo spctl --master-disable

To Disable GateKeeper in Lion

sudo spctl--disable

Mountain Lion

1. Open System Preferences
2. Click Security
3. On the first tab on the bottom portion choose:

"anywhere = Gatekeeper off"

Now you will be able to install the Mac Cloud Tools (and any other Apps) that are not somehow accredited by Apple.
Note that Mountain Lion support was implemented as from the August 12th 2013 1.54 build.