Ich have a strange effect in the Sync Center when cloning up files that are bigger than about 3MB.

I sync to the Virtual Network Drive via the mounted drive

In the beginning the upload normally. Meaning the counter increases quickly counting the kB. Sometimes stopping of the split of a second to do whatever he needs to do .
But at about 3MB - the "border" differs, 2881 kB, 2970 KB, 3011 kB, 3028 kB, 3084kB, 3267 kB... - the counter stops for one minute or so.
Then the Sync Center goes on to the next file.

The failure list at the end tells:
Sync Up - Upload failed (Executing...) : C:\Users\limex\Documents\iphone\Ringtones\20090905_0002.jpg

when syncing to Google Drive/_SYNC_/iphone/Ringtones/

Time of the latest try: around Sunday Mai 27, 06:22 GMT
This problem occurs even after refreshes of the cloud.
It happens to the google Drive Folders and the Folders.
I turned on/off "aviod cache" in the Virtual Network Drive, no Difference.
I'm not reaching any space limits in the clouds.
Versioning is off

I told the app to log the sync actions, but the folder is empty??? Bug??

Running Win7 x64. MultiCould Windows Tools 4.5.3
Personal Livetime Cloud (Business use)
Synced to EU Server
User name: limex

Any advice?

I'm not sure I fully understand the issue, but in any case this is not something that can be answered on the forum. You will need to log a support case with your username, refer to the forum post but give supporting screenshots if you can and support will follow it up.