Is anyone else having sync problems with OneDrive? I received the following error message:
"Error: can not load root folder contents for My OneDrive files. Error of getting files list. Message from OneDrive provider: "This API is no longer supported. Please see https://aka.ms/livesdkmigration for information about migrating your application to Microsoft Graph."

The referenced link indicates that the Live SDK and Live Connect API that I presume SME is relying upon with OneDrive are end of life and no longer available. Microsoft recommends switching off the API to Microsoft Graph.

Anyone have an idea why my installation of SME is relying on outdated API's and not syncing?

I have SME Version 4.6 on an iMac running High Sierra. I'm using it to sync my Devonthink databases on OneDrive via WebDAV using CloudDAV.
Yes, as a result of API changes, the OneDrive (personal/free) connector is no longer working. A fix is being developed. 

More information at: OneDrive (free) Advisory. OneDrive for Business and Office 365 are not affected.
Hi, Any update to the v1808 support for onedrive? I see the hosted enviromnt got it more than 10 days ago and appliance v1901 is also released probably with onedrive graph API support.