I have 1TB of storage space through my schools Onedrive program. When I login I get the choice of logging in through my school or business account or through my personal account. If I choose the school account it logs into the sharepoint account that has 1TB, but if I login through the personal account I have 15GB allocated.

When I try to access my school account through SME it will not allow me to use it. I have tried putting in the information in many different formats such as:





None of these have worked. Although I did get to a screen where my Onedrive account asked me to approve access for SME to use my Onedrive account but after that it just denied it again afterward. Any help would be appreciated. Other than this hiccup, I love this service. Keep up the great work SME!!
OneDrive is one of the more confusing cloud connectors as it supports several formats and access mechanisms depending on how it is deployed and what identity management has been setup to be used. We would need to check the logs for your account to try and help here. Please contact support AT StorageMadeEay.com and provide your username and refer to this support thread and we will check for you.
OneDrive has made a lot of changes to the space that is allocated under different plans: OneDrive storage plans. Free gives you 5 GB where as basic now comes with 50GB for $1.99/month. OneDrive + Office 365 plans. Personal plan gives 1TB for 1 User. And for Home its 1TB each for 5 users.