I'm digging into your REST API.

There appears to be a bit of a mismatch between your published API at https://storagemadeeasy.com/?p=apidoc and SME Cloud Explorer method calling.

I attached Fiddler to the Explorer and then wrote an app to decode the API method calls it was making.

From the app, there appears to be a mismatch in the currently documented parameters for the API method [doInitUpload].

SME Cloud Explorer method call:

GET /api/14165b5c9924c8a1f04e3d3b352e5660/doInitUpload/ZnggcmF0ZSBzdG9jaGFzdGljIHZvbGF0aWxpdHkucGRm,,,ML==,ZnggcmF0ZSBzdG9jaGFzdGljIHZvbGF0aWxpdHkucGRm,eG1s,,,,Z7==,,,MjAwNC0xMi0yMCAxMjo0Njo0OT==,,,eb==,MjYzMDQw HTTP/1.1

Decoded parameters (according to the published API):

Method name: [doInitUpload]

Fewer parameters than expected for Method ( 17 vs 20 )


[fi_name]                      [fx rate stochastic volatility.pdf]
[fi_description]               []
[fi_tags]                      []
[fi_pid]                       [0]
[fi_filename]                  [fx rate stochastic volatility.pdf]
[responsetype]                 [xml]
[responsedata]                 []
[encryptphrase]                []
[fi_structtype]                []
[fi_id]                        [g]
[chunkifbig]                   []
[fi_localtime]                 []
[provider]                     [2004-12-20 12:46:49]
[comment]                      []
[directuploadsupport]          []
[fi_size]                      [y]
[fi_modified]                  [263040]
[metadata]                     [--- not set ---]
[fi_code]                      [--- not set ---]
[password]                     [--- not set ---]

It looks like there is an extra undocumented parameter somewhere between [fi_localtime] and [responsetype].

I suspect that the API version being used by SME Cloud Explorer is different from the online API reference.

Please can you confirm whether this is the case and e-mail me the current live API spec.

Many thanks,

Hello  John,

  Not   all  params  are  mandatory  for   API  calls,  you  may  skip  some  params.  In  that  specific   call    metadata, fi_code,  password   are  not   used  then  it  why  they are not  even  set.

vanja K.