To start sharing your files on Facebook is fairly straightforward. The steps are outlined below:

1. Register for an Account with SMEStorage. You have a choice of several accounts and which one you choose will depend on where you store your files. SMEStorage enables you to share files that are stored on Amazon S3, RackSpace Cloud Files,, GMail, Email, FTP, Microsoft SkyDrive, and any WebDav cloud.

2. Once you are logged in and have uploaded some files you can set the files you wish  to share to be public.

3. You do this by clicking on the share icon within the "File Manager" Tab when logged into SMEStorage, as shown below:

4. You will now be able to set the File to Public

5. Add the Facebook App to your Facebook Account

6. Once you have set your Facebook widget password details with your SMEStorage user logon and password, all your public files will be available to any other Facebook users who are using SMEStorage. All their public files will also be available to you if they are using SMEStorage.

7. Also don't forget you also get your own url from SMEStorage  which shows all your public files. This is available from the side menu when you are logged into SMEStorage.

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oh.  for some reason i got the impression you could publish files to the standard facebook photo app from your SME repository via the plugin.  didn't realize facebook users would need to install the plugin as well.

Hi, thanks for the post. No, you need to install the Facebook Widget as we enable more than just photo sharing.
Using Windows 8 both desktop and RT version.

when trying to link to FB I enter my login / password, but it keeps telling it's wrong. Any further guidance?