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The issue reported to support was the user was unable to access SMEstorage from within Microsoft Office (x86) having tried it both from Word and Powerpoint he receive the following error:

SMEStorage authentication failed. Incorrect user name/password or inactive user

Ultimately the user resolved the issue himself as the issue was to do with firewall settings. He was using PrivateFirewall 7.0 on Windows 7.  In the application rules, there are setting for Netbios Sessions (client) and Netbios Sessions (server).  

He found that when he allowed incoming traffic for the client settings and outgoing traffic for the server settings, the problem was solved. 

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I have started having the same issue just today, using the latest build of the windows cloud tools with business life time account, since the morning I cannot access my account through the cloud tools.

I have tried to find the net bios sessions as mentioned under this topic

I have tried changing my login details

I have tried un installing re installing the program

but no luck...

One thing I don't seem to understand is the activation and registration process, do I need to activate the cloud tools? If so where can I get documentation on it?

We investigated this further and it seemsthese issues could be fixed by disabling "NetBIOS over TCP" ie without changing anything in firewall. 

Disabling "NetBIOS over TCP" is recommended, not only for performance, but also as it pose some security issues, like accessing local resources from Internet.

How to disable "NetBIOS over TCP":

Having the same problem.  Was working well until about 2 weeks ago (microsoft patch ?) and now am getting the same error message.  Can log into the web account just fine so password is correct.  Did the changing of the settings as per instructions here.  Any other troubleshooting or suggestions? 

Using Windows 8 .