I'm having a very difficult time figuring out how to do a number of things.  Right from the start, there were SO MANY subscription options, that I don't even know if I picked the correct one, and perhaps that choice has limited what I can find/see. 

I already had an Amazon S3 account that I had purchased for use with JungleDisk, but I have not yet uploaded anything.  The goal here is photo backup and management and I was just about to get JungleDisk going tonight when I ran across a recommendation for SME for photos, especially because of the iPhone and facebook plugins.  So I purchased $25 have my own Amazon account license.  I don't know if there are more licenses I need to buy to do the following:

map my Amazon bucket to a drive letter on my Windows PC
how I set up an automated daily backup
why the windows client shows that all the cloud names for "my documents, my music, my backups, contacts, groups" etc is all SMEStorage cloud when I've changed my default cloud to Amazon and synched.  "My s3 files" does show with a cloud name of Amazon S3.

That's it for starters.  I'm extremely technical, it just seems that things are made to be overly complicated and difficult to figure out.  Even the wiki when I checked for help with the Windows client says the info isn't available because it's being updated and will be available on 12/11.  It's 12/21 and it's still not there.


We are sorry you are having problems. You should have received an email with a link to the full version of the windows tools after download. This includes Virtual Drive, Sync Tools, Outlook integration, MS Office integration etc.

All options can be configured as active from 'SMEStorage Desktop tools' -> Control Panel.

In relation to the My documents, My Music etc folders. These are virtual folders in the file tree and won't exist on your Amazon account. They are merely to help you organise your files.

Sorry about the windows documentation. You are right, that message is indeed out of date. We will change it. We are launching a revised set of Windows Tools and Website on January 9th and this got overlooked, apologies.

We've resent the email we talked about above. If you don't receive it, please check your spam, and if you still have an issue please email us at SMEStorageSupport AT thesmespace DOT COM.
thank you, that solved my immediate problems.  is there documentation on the backup functionality?
is there deduplication? 

I dragged a photo to my newly mapped drive and see it there and the good news is it's a photo and shows as a thumbnail which will be a great help in backing up photos and being able to browse the cloud to find specifics photos.  the bad news is that it doesn't show up in SME explorer even after a refresh. 

shouldnt sme explorer and my shared drive be in sync? i uploaded a file via sme explorer and that shows in the amazon s3 bucket, but does not show on my mapped drive.

This is what I get when I change my default sync folder.  Really I just want to add a schedule to backup this directory daily, so I'm not sure if I wanted to do that.

I have about 200GB in this folder.  Is there a way to limit bandwidth?  Or pause/resume?
The Virtual Drive and the explorer get their information using the same API call from our REST Service interface so you should see no difference in the view, unless either needs refreshing. Are you sure you are in the same folder / sub- folder?

When you first sign up for the lifetime cloud service you get 250MB on S3 as a default cloud. If you add other clouds, such as your own Amazon S3 account, them you need to decide which is your default cloud for uploads. You can do this from MyAccount->Providers. you can choose to change this at any time in the web or windows tools.

The sync functionality in the Windows client tools enables you to keep a specified directory in Sync. The sync upload / download us based on timestamp. You can choose to sync up / sync down or sync all. You can also choose to setup scheduled sync.

Another type of sync is syncing your cloud Provider accounts (such as Amaxon S3). This is useful if you update your provider accounts externally, outside of SMEStorage.

From your last response, I could not see the graphic link that you posted as I see a message about reaching a limit.

As you are a registered user you can interact with us over email and you will get a quicker response than posting on the forums.