After successfully adding my WebDAVable storage account (German Provider 1und1 with 1 TB size) neither the browser interface nor the bought iPhone SMEStorage App shows me the existing files on this WebDAV-account. 

Only 1 file is visible in the SMEStorage webinterface instead of a bunch of folders already uploaded there:

ProviderAccountFiles [?]DefaultIs Master [?]Has backupAction
Google DocsMy Google Docs files (XXX)24[settings]
GmailMy Gmail files (XXX)0[settings]
WebDavMy WebDav files ([settings]

All provider data shows to be correct in the SMEStorage webinterface:


Type: WebDav

Title: My WebDav files (


Files: 1

Total size: 1571321

Limit: not limited

Chunk size: Use global (100 MB)

There is used WebDav account:

Access via Cyberduck and the same login data shows all the files are there.

What can I do to let SMEStorage show my complete files on the WebDAV storage?
Unfortunately not all WebDav implementations are created. We follow a strict RFC implementation and expect WebDav responses to conform to the specification. We can however detect and parse implementations that do not follow this spec', so if you contact us at Support AT SMEStorage DOT Com, we'll work with you to try and support the WebDav server you use.
My subfolders are not showing up in my webdav.  My school is using the Black Board Content system.  I'm not sure what other info you need to help with this.
Can you contact us at Support AT SMEStorage DOT com and we'll work this through with you. It's probably a slightly odd WebDav response that we need to cater for.