When I connect to WebDAV https://webdaveu.storagemadeEasy.com/
I can see my folders:

My backups
My contact
My Quick Uploads
My sync

but I can't see folder

My SkyDrive files

=> I can't access my cloud files!  with WebDAV.

This folder is normal accessible with "Lite file manager" on web access to SME (http://eu.storagemadeeasy.com).


And second problem - when I upload file (e.g. to "My Quick Uplads" folder) with WebDAV - it seems to get OK.

But I can't see this file in this folder in "Lite file manager" on web. Even if I click refresh.


Notes: Free account, default provider: SkyDrive, the other one: SME

Login into the web and navigate to your DashBoard and remove SkyDrive Connector. It is old and unsupported.

Choose to add the OneDrive connector once you have done this.

You don't give your username so we cannot check but if you are using the free account you may have simply hot the 150MB monthly WebDav limit.

username: kapetr

? what is SkyDrive Connector and how can I remove it ?
? what is OneDrive connector and why and how to add it ?

I have uploaded over SME allmost nothing at all all times. I begin to use this service first time after long time.
So => sure no limit problem.
Read our wiki at storagemadeeasy.info as these are basic questions for use of the service and it is outside the scope of the forum to discuss these here.

I would recommend deleting your account and re-creating as if it is very old you are likely on an old package using old connectors.
The problem is not in my old account => not necessary to delete and recreate it.

I have found the bug:

As I had register for long time, I did no know there are EU servers too. So I have 2 registrations to US and EU servers.

The problem is, that
https://webdaveu.storagemadeEasy.com do not point to EU server (as it should), but to US server.

PLEASE correct this.

But - please - tell me what do you mean with "connectors" ?
Cloud providers, OS specific add ons/apps or what ?

There is no bug. The US server and EU Server are completely separate server instances with no data shared.

For connector and getting started information, as per my prior instructions, please read our Wiki.
Please read ones again and more carefully what I wrote.

I know, that US an EU are separated.

THAT IS WHY https://webdaveu.storagemadeEasy.com/ should access EU server


https://webdav.storagemadeEasy.com/ should access US server.

But it is not so.

https://webdaveu.storagemadeEasy.com/ access US server too.
That is not correct:

webdaveu.storagemadeeasy.com accesses the EU server



accesses the US server

This can easily be verified by a simple ping from the command line:

ping webdaveu.storagemadeeasy.com
64 bytes from eu.storagemadeeasy.com (

ping webdav.storagemadeeasy.com
64 bytes from storagemadeeasy.com (
NOT !!!

if I connect with WebDAV https://webdaveu.storagemadeEasy.com/ then I can see files which are on my US account on http://storagemadeeasy.com (there is the uploaded file, as I wrote and no SKYDRIVE).

But if I access http://eu.storagemadeeasy.com => I can't see the uploaded file but can see SKYDRIVE files.

(FYI - SKYDRIVE cloud is added only to EU account).

Do you finally understand ?!

This is not correct. Your problem is you are getting mixed up between both accounts registered on our two different servers.

I just showed you that what are you are saying is not possible and you can verify yourself with the same ping request.

I am now closing this thread and if you wish to continue it your should email support.