On your website you say OSX SL 10.6.8 is no longer supported, so I don't even dare to ask support question here.. but the installation works fine, I get both SME and Sync incon in the menu.


1. Sync icon never stops spinning. I checked log and it seems fine (see below, nothing suspicious)
2. The SME drive just doesn't show up in Finder. 
So the sync doesn't work.

Here is what I tried:
1. I checked Little Snitch, no issues, it shows SME is connecting and connected to the server, it shows downloaded some data. I even tried disabling LittleSnitch but no difference and there were no new connections. 
2. I didn't try anything as I don't see issues popping up. I checked for FUSE installation and it seems fine as well.

I wish I could get at least one thing working.

Where can I download an older version of SME, if that resolves the issue. Is the 1.3.6 version the previous version available for OSX 10.6.8 or is there version 2.0 out as well? I was able to download the 1.3.6 version but I check here first for other solutions before I start to mess around.


Another thing I checked:

I checked this forum here... but unfortunately you don't say what connection is required to it working with Little Snitch.

Here are my current open and active connections:

protocol:TCP port:443


Where: Library/PreferencePanes/SMEStorage.prefPane/Contents/Resources
protocol:TCP port:443


Log from the console - SME sync tool:

I replaced few strings for privacy reasons with XXXXX...

14-03-25 12:45 PM — Starting to synchronize "/My OneDrive (SkyDrive) files"
14-03-25 12:34 PM — Analyzing /My OneDrive (SkyDrive) files/XXXXXXXXXXXX
14-03-25 12:34 PM — Downloading File list from server...
14-03-25 12:33 PM — Resynchronizing folder with cloud
14-03-25 12:33 PM — Synchronizing /My OneDrive (SkyDrive) files with /Users/XXXXXXXX/XXXXXXXX
14-03-25 12:33 PM — Starting to synchronize "/My OneDrive (SkyDrive) files


PS: please don't just tell me to update my OSX. I can't right now. Thanks.

It may install but it will not work for Snow Leopard. The Base Mac Architecture from Lion / Mountain Lion and then to Mavericks has changed totally.

if you are registered personal cloud or business cloud user you can login and navigate to Cloud Apps int he sidebar link and you will see older version of each of your registered tools listed.